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Posted by on Nov 13, 2015 in Binary Options, Finance |

CTOption Review

CTctoption logoOption is a binary trading platform with operation in almost one hundred countries. It is a concern of Paddington Global Ltd.

From the first, you can tell that this trading platform is unlike the rest. The website is designed well, looks professional, and, CTOption’s CEO provides an introduction in their About Us section along with his name where most binary option brokers remain anonymous. But it isn’t just about looks. CTOption is unlike the generic trade platform and it extends to their core business.

CTOption’s software is based on PandaTS, which provides software’s for reputed financial institutions. The great thing about this is that this allows an advanced social trading platform, it is user friendly, and it supports automated or robot trading. There are very few brokers today who can support automated trading and CTOption falls in the list. The platform is reliable in the sense that it follows the UK laws on trading and the FCA, but you would still need to provide their requested verification documents to prevent fraud.

You can make withdrawals any time around the clock, but the withdrawals take 5 – 7 working days to finish processing. It’s faster with online payment systems such as Skrill, ePay or Money bookers – it takes 2 – 3 days, and the terms state clearly that they need a single payment source to follow legal obligations, so the online payment system is recommended.

payment ctoption

The platform is user friendly and trades can be executed fast but the platform does lag when it switches screens. The platform supports Hyper Trading where you can trade securities with very short expiry terms such as 60 second trading, 30 second, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes expiry etc. Other options are usually have intraday expiry which varies within assets.

They have an impressive asset list, which covers most assets but doesn’t have Asian indices in their listings, which they should include. They also trade in commodities such as oil or gold and a selection of international big corporation stocks.

Another great feature is that they let you do copy trading options which lets you directly copy the best traders and lets you replicate their trade into their live account.

On the downside, the bonuses they offer tend to be scams, and we wouldn’t recommend trying their bonuses. However one of their biggest flaws is their rule that any trader opening positions greater than or equal to 5% must let their account managers know before they start trading, otherwise the trade will be cancelled, even if the investor won. Another thing is that the software doesn’t provide securities for traders who want to commence in longer trades, since most of their options are hyper trading or intraday trading.


However, there aren’t a lot of complaints for CTOptions, either because they are new or they are good.  They do get complaints for not taking Israeli clients and their no deposit bonus is unpopular. Also, their 5% trade rule is a big issue amongst their clients, so it is highly recommended that you let your account manager know before you start trading or not trade at all.

Regarding their bonus, while bonus is a controversial topic amongst traders and brokers, theirs may be one of the worst. It is certainly the most difficult to understand. However, they do offer sign up bonuses that can cover almost 100% of the investor’s initial deposit. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t harm the investor to check with their account manager to be completely clear on the terms.

Their withdrawals are also slightly complicated because of anti-money laundering issues. The minimum withdrawal is $50, and the investor must fill out, print and sign a withdrawal request, and then they must mail or scan it to the company’s finance department. The withdrawal should take about a day after completing the paperwork, but that depends on the withdrawal method. Once again, they prefer their payments to come from a single source.

So with all this, we can conclude that CTOption is one of the more unique trading platforms and offers a different experience for traders. They have several features which make the commendable for use and till now, the CTOption is one of the better platforms available for trading.

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Posted by on Oct 18, 2015 in Binary Options, Finance |

An Overview of Binary Options Signals

An Overview of Binary Options Signals

In today’s market, binary options method of trading is considered the most profitable. Unfortunately, binary options trading are risky, time-consuming and require some level of expertise or experience. Binary option trading is a trade signal provider and its effectiveness and efficiency depends on the binary options signals.

SSSS1These signals act as the stock markets, currency and commodity’s trade alerts. Most professional traders use this secret financial weapon to their competitive advantage. The binary options signals are delivered via a website, SMS or e-mail.

Due to the high investment returns associated with binary options signals, its popularity has increasingly grown among the people. However, high profits are guaranteed only if a trader uses accurate signals. Also, a trader has to prepare in advance for the expiry of these binary options signals and consistently search for latest developments.

Before a trader understand and develops a good mastery of the binary options signals, they might appear to be extremely technical. However, as time passes by, the overall impact of adopting this trading system and its dynamics is felt. Channelizing the signals of binary options is mostly appropriate and effective during night hours.

At this time, traders enjoy quality and sufficient time suitable for making their decision. As such, the most appropriate time frame for executing any binary trade is still during the night.

Selecting the most experienced and professional service provider in the entire market is paramount to achieving binary trading success. Although there is a wide range of service providers in the market, only a limited few are reliable and can be trusted. An untrustworthy service provider can cause your investment to drain into losses.

For your convenience, a service provider whose trading services are offered online should be your first consideration. Analyze the previous data and records of the prospective service provider and compare them to the current trends in the binary trading market. Conducting such analysis gives a trader the assurances that the potential service provider will execute secure trading on his/her behalf. According to recent statistics, the trader’s payouts are supposed to increase by 60% whenever the trader embraces the application of binary options signals in his trading practice.

Understanding the operations of binary options signals requires a trader to grasp the resistance and support concepts that significantly enable you to interpret and understand the price charts effectively. The upward or downward movement of the price can be determined and indicated by the movement of the price actual direction.

Therefore, a trader might require some guidance clarifying the trader’s most appropriate response in case the binary options signals gives an outline of the resistance or support point reached. SSSS2

The various underlying assets such as indices, forex and other commodities that can be used to conduct binary trades are correlated to binary options signals. It is paramount for binary options and binary signals to be categorized or classified as per the various underlying assets. For more convenience, binary options signals are supposed to be used in respect to the asset type a trader is interested in.

Binary options signals can easily be chosen from the hundreds of signals advertisements placed on the internet. All these advertisements promise high profits and results; however, only a few deliver on their promise. Some may make the trader lose money due to the low winning ratio and low performance. That’s why a trader needs to be very wary and extremely careful in choosing binary options signals.

In 2014, CherryTrade Signals received an award for being the most accurate binary options free signals in the Binary Options Awards. According to recent surveys, the company has over 88% clients’ approval and 73% winning trades. It could be a good signal option to consider.

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Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 in Binary Options, Finance |

Why a Binary Options Robot may be What You Need to Get Started

Why a Binary Options Robot may be What You Need to Get Started

get started with binary options

Are you looking to get into a trading option that not only pays fast, but also comes with minimal risk and maximum returns on your investment? If yes then Binary Options Trading is where you should go to get all of this and much more! In case you did not already know, then a binary option is that in which the payoff has but two possible outcomes, which can be either a fixed amount or percentage of some asset, or nothing at all. This means that when you go in to invest in binary options, you will either get returns as large as 70%, or get back nothing at all. While it may look like answering a yes or no question at the maximum, there is a lot more to it in reality!

Does that sound scary?

At first, many are intimidated by binary options trading. Not only does the chance to lose all of your investment, unlike regular trading, sound risky, but it also is largely unregulated, which decreases the safety factor for many investors. However, does that mean that investing in binary options is something that you should avoid? Do you really think that something that offers such a low risk and comes with a high payout rate can be avoided? No- and this is why you need the right approach to help you get set on the right path to binary options trading.

What if, you could have something that would observe and study the markets in order to help you make the best decisions for binary options trading? Something like this is what you can get if you decide to use binary options robots.

What are binary options robots?

Porter Finance, AnyOption) in the trading industry. In fact, many claim it as the best way to maximize your winning chances in this market.

If you are wondering as to how legal it is, then rest assured- it is a 100% legal to use this and it binary options robots are compatible with the best of the industry’s traders and brokers. That is not it- you can get all of it without paying anything extra!

The advantages

Binary trading requires a thorough market analysis and observing of the trends- something that not everyone can do at all times. However, with a binary trading robot, that is taken care of for it continues to work even when you are not online, by following a set of preferences that you can do beforehand.  Apart from that, you also do not need to pay or download any software to your devices- you can use binary options robot from your laptop, smartphone or tablet as well.

The Verdict

If you are looking to get into binary options trading but do not know where to start, then a binary options robot can help you to get on the right path quite easily. While every form of trading and investment has its risks, with binary options trading, you can minimize those quite easily by using binary options robots- by not only automating the process, but also helping you get through it in a much safer and less tedious manner.

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Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in Binary Options, Education, Finance, Trading Strategies |

Learn more about Binary Options Trading

Learn more about Binary Options Trading


All around the world market enthusiasts are referring to binary options as a revolutionary form of trading. And its qualities are breaking barriers for investors inside every avenue of the financial arena.

Online accessibility, minimal risk,  zero commission fees and varying assets are just a few reasons why binary options trading is capturing the attention of both experienced and new traders alike.

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are contracts to options where the payment of the fundamental asset is fixed and exceeds the prearranged strike price inside a given time frame without the responsibility of purchasing the asset. The payment of the option is not dependent on the range by which the price of the fundamental asset moves.

Binary options let a person to trade an underlying asset and not invest in the asset itself and the traded asset possesses a prearranged payout percentage.

In order to collect the payout percentage, the trader must guess whether or not the traded asset will fall or rise against the current price inside a specific period of time. The price is the price of the underlying asset at the exact time of the trade. It is important how small or large your forecast is against the price, only if it is accurate, payout percentage is yours.


3 Simple Steps

Because of its simplicity one of the reasons trading binary options is growing so quickly is in popularity. Making a profitable trade is highly conceivable with little research of market status and a basic understanding of binary options. Now, let’s take a look at the types of options and the steps needed to place a trade.

There are 2 choices for every trade: call and put. A call option means that within a specified period of time you think that the price of the chosen of the asset will rise above the current price. A put option means that within a specified period of time the price of the selected underlying asset will fall below the strike price.

Also, binary options have a variety of expiry times which give you a choice. For instance, you can select the asset in which you decide to invest to expire in fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, 1 hour, intraday, weekly or even monthly. And a different ending time gives the investor a sharp sense of control in the position of returns and allows you to simply employee easy high profit trading strategies.

In just 3 simple steps and just a few minutes of your time, you are able to make some major earnings. Now, let’s take a look at the steps:

  1. You decide which asset you wish to invest in.
  2. You make a decision if this asset is going to go up or down.
  3. You make a decision if this will happen now or later.

There is only one last decision and that is how much you want to invest. There are no fees and no exposures, no hidden risk when you enter your trade you know you profit and  your risk.

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